Hello, I'm Nathe.

I'm Nathan Ayling, a developer, tech enthusiast and entrepreneur. I create weekly videos on helping others learn code and tech with various posts and how to videos.

Online Business

How to Make Money Online, 5 Ways To Earn Money Online

Welcome back to a new video, this time it’s business I’m talking about which work hand in hand with creating websites, because...

CSS Tutorials

Using the CSS Box-Shadow and CSS Filter Drop Shadow

So, us developers and designers overuse the box-shadow around our divs, they provide a subtle effect which works well. In this video I show...

Advanced Custom Fields, Wordpress

How to Add ACF Text Input Field to Your Website

With this series, we’ll be working with a WordPress plugin called ACF (Advanced Custom Fields). We’ll be going through all the...

Custom Post Types, Wordpress

How to create ‘Custom Post Types’ in WordPress using Custom Post Type UI

The first of many to come in a tutorial series in creating custom post types in WordPress using the custom post types ui plugin. The plugin...

CSS Tutorials

How to create a speech bubble in CSS

How to create a speech bubble in CSS, in this very simple CSS tutorial, I’ll show you how to to make a speech bubble in CSS. So as...