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After my first post of 2020 outlining my projects plan for the year. Here’s a list of my projects I plan to finish and maintain, whether they’re a content based website or provide services.

Current Projects

The Top Tens
First on the list is a project I’ve recently finished, so that’s one ticked off the list already. The Top Tens is a content based website which provides Top 10 lists of the most popular items, products, services or just about anything. I plan on doing a minimum of 1 post per week depending on workload.

Syntax Dynamics
The current website I’m working on. Being a self-taught Software Developer, is Syntax Dynamics. It’s my turn to give back to aspiring web and app developers, to help them learn to code with tutorials and guides while also providing useful code snippets which can be used. However, it’s not just to help aspiring developers, it’s to also help me. Sort of like a development playground so I can re-use useful code I’ve written for future projects.

The tutorials will be both in written and video, so I’ll also be creating a YouTube channel. Depending on what I’m teaching.

Untitled Project
Previously, I’ve created websites for local businesses. However, this new idea is fresh in the market of website design and development services and should very well be released soon.

This website/service will help SMEs gain a web presence with ease and cost-effective.

This is going to be a website and app for any kind of food establishment. With a free trial and just a small monthly fee, pubs, restaurants or any business who provide food or drinks.

Grrub is a food and drink ordering app for pubs, restaurants and takeaways. They get listed on Grrubs web version, iOS and Android with an option to also get their own branded app.

Appointsy is going to be an app for appointment booking for any business/individual who provide personal services. For example, hair salons, beauty salons, eye lashes, nails, PT’s etc… With a 7 day free trial then a small monthly fee, these small businesses will have the ability to provide their clients with an easy to use appointment booking solution on the Appointsy app. With also the option to have their own re-branded app as a standalone. For iOS and Android.

I have around 5/6 other projects on hold until the above have been completed and are up and running. Depending on my progress.

Updated on 17/01/2020


Last modified: January 17, 2020

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