A Drop Shipping Experiment, Starting a Drop Shipping Business from Scratch – Part 2

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Part 2 of a 4 part series.

Part 1: Laying out the plan to starting a Dropshipping business from scratch
Part 2: Putting all the required steps into place to be able to start promoting your products
Part 3: The results over a period of 3 months. To see how we’re getting on (Coming Soon)
Part 4: My process from start to finish in more detail to help you do the same

This  video is just an update of Part 1, where I had the task of finding a product to sell, finding a seller or supplier, creating a brand/business name and also to secure the domain name. I then had to decide between Shopify & WordPress and then I had to get website hosting to begin creating my website to be able to add the supplier products onto to then start marketing and promoting my new dropshipping business.

The hosting I mention in the video are…

Host Presto: https://hostpresto.com/my/aff.php?aff=536
Krystal Hosting:
https://krystal.uk/ (USE Code at checkout: NATHEYT)

Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you with the part 3 of this video series in a few months time to see how we’re getting on! In the meantime feel free to stick around for other video content.

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